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BV City Council denies
request for appeal

From the Dec. 13, 2017 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   The Buena Vista City Council voted to deny the request for an appeal made by a former employee whose position was eliminated, agreed to hold off for now on a proposal to ban the same employee from the Josh Gibson Center, hired a new recreation director, approved an alcohol license, learned that inmates flushing items down the toilet in the jail is causing problems with a sewage pump station, and discussed a variety of other issues during a meeting on December 5.
   The meeting actually began with an apology from the mayor, who apologized for letting the previous meeting get a bit out of hand. With that in mind, he announced that they would not be taking comments from the audience. That helped the meeting to be conducted much more smoothly, although there were still some heated words between officials.
   As previously reported, the City Council voted back in October to eliminate the position of Director of the Josh Gibson Center, a position that was held by Kevin Brown. In their latest meeting, they voted to ... The rest of the story.