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Cox couple travels to poorest place on planet to spread the Gospel

From the Dec. 20, 2016 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   When local couple Jay and Gina Cox of Stewart County retired from the Chattahoochee County School System, they felt led to serve the Lord in a greater way. So, they began to pray, telling God that they wanted to be used and asking Him to lead them.
   Their lives as Christians began to change, but not dramatically at first. The first small steps included Gina volunteering for nursery duty at church, while Jay began to serve as an usher. However, the steps kept coming and getting bigger. Before long the steps turned into a huge leap of faith that landed them on the far side of the globe – smack dab in the middle of the poorest people on earth and surrounded by Muslims.
   Now, they are ... The rest of the story.

Jay and Gina Cox in Uganda