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The Journal wins WG Sutlive Trophy for
Community Service from Ga. Press Association

From the August 4, 2021
issue of The Journal

   The Georgia Press Association honored the winners of the 2021 Better Newspaper Contest on Friday, July 30 at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel during the group's 134th annual convention. The Journal was the recipient of a trophy and eight other awards.
   The Journal was included in the category for weekly newspapers in the state with circulations of less than 3,000, which is the largest division. The 2021 awards are for coverage during the 2020 calendar year.
   The local newspaper received the following awards:
   * W.G. Sutlive Trophy for Community Service – First Place. This award is to honor newspapers that have "performed meritorious service to further the welfare and progress of their communities" with articles that go "above and beyond routine coverage."
   Judges cited the newspaper's coverage of the Covid-19 Pandemic as the chief reason for awarding this trophy. The Journal's coverage was matter-of-fact and prioritized information with context over sensationalized stories. The newspaper provided weekly updates on confirmed cases for each county (as well as the percentage of each county's population represented), with occasional charts showing the changes over time. Interviews of and columns written by area doctors and healthcare professionals were also published, along with details on when and where testing was available. The

newspaper also provided much information on how schools were responding/changing due to the pandemic, as well as how it was affecting area businesses (and how some businesses had retooled their production to help with items in short supply).
   * Spot News Photography – First Place: One of the saddest stories reported in 2020 resulted in this award, as it was earned by Richard Harris' photos of the fire that destroyed two historic buildings in downtown Buena Vista on January 28, 2020.
   * Sports Coverage – First Place: The Journal's coverage (stories and photos) of area high school sports, including football, softball, basketball, track & field, and cross country led to this first-place award.
   * Headline Writing – Second Place: This award is to recognize excellence and creativity, as well as accuracy, in the writing of headlines.
   * J.C. Williams Trophy for Editorial Page – Second Place: Judging for this award gives emphasis to locally generated material and opinion columns of relevance to local residents.
   * General Excellence – Third Place: This top "Best Overall" award is based on the overall evaluation of newspapers.
   * Business Writing – Third Place: This award is given in recognition of outstanding reporting on business, industry, and financial activities, issues, and events with emphasis on clarity and relevance for the non-business reader.
   * Otis A. Brumby Trophy for Serious Column – Third Place: Richard Harris was selected as the third-place winner for this award based on a number of personal columns, including "Find the Beauty", which encouraged readers to open their eyes to the simple blessings of life, and to columns dealing with loss – first of his longtime loyal sidekick (Fly High, Super Dog) and later his dear mother (What Was The Point?).
   * Joe Parham Trophy for Humorous Column – Third Place: Richard Harris also placed third in this humorous category for opinion columns including "So Long Yosemite Sam," "Dear Teacher, You Lied," and "Lies, Gaffes, and Thing that Make Me Go Hmmm."