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'Funniest Mom in America'
to perform in Buena Vista

Comedian Karen Morgan

"The Musical Woman"
Jilla Webb will be the opening act.

From the August 18, 2021 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   Things have been a little crazy and stressful for families everywhere since the Covid Pandemic began. If you're feeling ill (metaphorically) about the situation, they say laughter is the best medicine and Moon Family Theatre is ready to lift your spirits.
   The theatre will host professional comedian Karen Morgan on Saturday, August 28.
   Ironically, the Athens native and current Maine resident got her professional start in a career that is often the butt of jokes. She earned a law degree from Georgia State University and was a practicing attorney until she decided to take time off to start a family.
   After having three kids in three years, she enrolled in a stand-up comedy class, basically to get out of the house and relieve a little stress. She did well enough that the instructor suggested she try out for Nickelodean TV's "Search for the Funniest Mom in America." She not only made the cut for the competition, but was also one of seven finalists out of 1,000+ who tried out.
   Since then, she's performed all across the country, from New York to Hollywood, and has had a comedy special on "Dry Bar Comedy."
   "My routine is observational comedy about life – parenting, marriage, family," said Morgan. "I like to help people laugh at life. I like to connect to people and let them

know that they're not alone in the struggles we all face in life. You're not the only one who's crazy."
   Part of her struggle includes living in Maine, away from her beloved South. That also works its way into her routine.
   "I miss the four Southern food groups – sugar, salt, grease, and alcohol," she said, adding that one of biggest downsides of living up north is the absence of Waffle House restaurants.
   "I miss Southern food and sweet tea all the time," she said, adding that her goal on a recent trip was to eat at Waffle House at least once every day.
   She is very excited about being able to perform in front of a live audience, as those options were very limited over the last year. Instead, companies have been hiring her to do online shows for their employees (as a treat for sitting through boring online meetings and not being able to gather in person).
   The response has been great, with Leanne Ouimet of the Greater Portland Convention & Visitors Bureau saying, "You, my dear, are a riot! Thank you so much for delighting us with your comedy at our annual meeting."
   While she is happy to have those opportunities, she said "Zoom" can't compete with a live audience.
   "It's a lot harder as a comedian when you're not in front of an actual audience," said Morgan. "There is an exchange of energy with a live audience that is so much more fun."
   For a preview of what to expect at the show, view the video clip that accompanies this story on the newspaper website –
   The August 28 show, which will begin at 7 p.m., will be opened by Jilla Webb, "The Musical Woman." The daughter of lead vocalist for the Harry James Orchestra, she grew up surrounded by the music and musicians from the Big Band era. So, it's no surprise that she is an extraordinary vocal artist, impersonator, and master voice teacher. An original talent, her expressive singing style, and versatility perfectly complement a variety of styles. Her performance genera's range from jazz and blues to pop-rock and all of the vocal impressions and characters she portrays. She is also a professor at Auburn University.
   Jilla Webb has performed at events, theaters and other venues from Singapore to Las Vegas, including the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Celebration in Hawaii, American Bandmasters Association, the Alabama Shakespeare Theater, the Davis Theater, Le Capitole Du Quebec, the American Music Theater, the Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards Show, and the Ryman Theater in Nashville. She has toured with the USO and other productions across the globe.
   Tickets for the show are $40 and are available to purchase in advance in person at the box office, which is located at 112 4th Avenue, Buena Vista (entrance is to the right of the Coffee Club entrance) or online at For more information call the Moon Family Theatre at 229-649-2028.