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US Senate Candidate visits BV,
Cusseta, Ellaville, Richland, Preston

From the August 11, 2021 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   US Senate candidate Kelvin King visited all five counties in The Journal's coverage area recently, spending several days talking to area residents, hearing their concerns, and telling them about himself.
   On Monday, he and his wife, Janelle, braved the blazing heat in the parking lot outside of Eagle Foods in Buena Vista talking to locals. They recovered with a visit to Boss B Smoke BBQ, where afterwards they said, "The ribs can't be beaten."
   During their time in Buena Vista, the candidate fielded a number of questions and concerns from local Republican Party Chairman Larry Ogan. Afterwards, Ogan said he was pleased with what he heard, as well as the candidate's ability to discuss issues.
   "He seemed forthright," said Ogan. "He handles himself well when pressed on the fly. He seems sincere in his platform and sincere in the need for ...
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