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Coffee Club Re-Opens
in Downtown Buena Vista
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From the August 12, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   A large crowd gathered – with social distancing in practice – to celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of Coffee Club (formerly Front Porch Coffee Club) on the downtown square in Buena Vista last Saturday morning. It was evident from the excitement that the community is pleased to have one of the town's most unique businesses open once again.
   However, it's not exactly the same. In addition to the new location, 108 East 4th Avenue (the old "Ford Place"), there is a new menu and more space, including the Magnolia Room, which is available to rent for group gatherings.
   One of the signs inside reads, "Coffee and friends make the perfect blend." Owner Lynn McAllister said it's very fitting for what they're trying to accomplish.
   "It's our goal at Coffee Club that family, friends, acquaintances, our community neighbors, our county neighbors, and even strangers will find their way into Coffee Club and not only fellowship, but unite," she said. "It's our pleasure to serve you."
   She also spoke of her deep love of the community that she moved to in 1965 at 5-years-old and her family's history in Buena Vista, Marion County. She noted how ... The rest of the story.