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BV Senior Citizens Center is
dealing with some serious issues

From the August 12, 2020 issue of The Journal
   The Buena Vista Senior Citizens Center is dealing with not only the Coronavirus Pandemic, but also an inability to adequately cool the building during the hot summer months, and other issues. Below is an update from Director Nikol Aide, who is hoping the community can help.
   "All is well within the senior center walls. However, we have noticed an extreme decline in many of our home delivered senior center clients and our congregate clients. We have had two to pass away without having any contact with people in a social setting who expressed deep sadness and loneliness before passing.
   "We were told August 15th was the end to the shelter-in-place order and we would have seniors back in the center (within limits and with extreme safety precautions). However, we do not have a functioning HVAC (heating and air conditioning) system within the center to date. The Senior Center is becoming desperate and ... The rest of the story.