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Regional Performance Academy
awards its first scholarships

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Scholarship Ceremony click here.

From the August 14, 2019
issue of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   It's no secret that rural small-town school systems don't have a lot of money for arts & music programs. Last Saturday a group of people gathered to support a new private organization that is attempting to fill that void.
   The Performance Academy, which is located in Buena Vista but open to the entire region, hosted a special ceremony to award the first scholarships to its students, who are set to begin the fall semester.
   Lynn Moon McAllister recalled personally raising two talented youngsters (now young adults) who were musically inclined. Her son, Skyler, even sang and danced professionally from the 5th through 8th grades as a performer for Country Tonite in Pigeon Forge. The family moved back to Buena Vista the next year and that's when Mrs. McAllister realized the need for music/performance opportunities locally.
   "When I realized that there was no program for Skyler to be in other than band, I ... The rest of the story.