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Local Libraries go 'Fines Free'

From the August 14, 2019
issue of The Journal

   The Chattahoochee Valley Library System, which includes three local libraries in The Journal's coverage area, has a new policy that will likely be a hit with the public. Their system is going "fines free."
   Starting this Thursday, August 15, the libraries will no longer charge fines for overdue books and materials. Local libraries are the Marion County Public Library in Buena Vista, the Chattahoochee County Public Library in Cusseta, and Parks Memorial Library in Richland.
   Previously, overdue fines were 25¢ per day for print books, CDs, DVDs, and audio books, and $1 for educational kits.
   For those wondering if it's too good to be true, there are some common sense regulations. Patrons can't simply continue to check out books and keep them forever while building a personal home library (or selling books owned by the library).
   While you may return overdue books without being fined, there are still ... The rest of the story.