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Smooth sailing so far for
ClearWater in Marion County

From the August 22, 2018 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   After years of struggling with the maintenance of dirt roads and an aging water system, the Marion County Commission voted back in March to hire a private company to come in and operate the county's Water Department and Road Department. The hope was that they could pay the company roughly the same amount of money that was already being spent, but get better results.

   ClearWater Solutions officially took over the departments on May 1 with a one-year contract for $925,000 (about 2% more than the county had been spending). So far, after about 3 ½ months with ClearWater at the helm, it appears to be smooth sailing.
   "The level of customer satisfaction has gone through the roof," said County Manager Jason Tinsley, who says the company has taken the level of professionalism to a whole new level.
   Tim Mitchell, ClearWater Regional Manager, said the first thing they did was to look for ways to improve efficiency.
   "We asked questions like ... The rest of the story.