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Locals express concerns over 'Dark
Cloud' of Drugs in Marion County

From the August 23, 2017 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   A local teenager was recently hospitalized after apparently suffering serious effects from using illegal drugs. While he has been reported as in stable condition, it is unknown if he will ever fully recover.
   Buena Vista resident Tonya Williams said she's been seeing signs of trouble with drugs in the community – especially among the youth – for a while and the recent incident alarmed her enough to take action. So, she organized a "Save Our Youth" rally last Saturday.
   At first it appeared that only a handful of people would show up, but by the time the conversation really got going there were several dozen concerned citizens, as well as a small group of teenagers. Standing under the shade of the trees on the Courthouse Lawn, they took turns shining a light on the problem that many say has been ... The rest of the story.