Buena Vista Police to fingerprint more when investigating
Public Works Supervisor resigns; Unauthorized event is cancelled
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From the August 2010 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   The Buena Vista City Council discussed a more vigorous use of fingerprinting by the Police Department, learned that the Public Works Supervisor turned in a letter of resignation, and discussed various other issues during its recent regular monthly meeting.
   The way a recent break-in was handled has led to changes in the operation of the Buena Vista Police Department, which has vowed to be more proactive in investigating crimes through the use of fingerprinting.
   It was actually not technically a "break-in" as the local resident said she had left her door unlocked. At any rate, someone entered her home during the night and only fled after realizing that someone was awake inside the house. She was understandably shaken up and called the Police Department.
   She was not entirely pleased with the response, including the ... The rest of the story.