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A Moon Family Legacy:
Small Town | BIG Entertainment

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From the April 6, 2022 issue
of The Journal

   When "Buena Vista, GA" comes up in a casual conversation, one may envision a sleepy, southern, one red-light town surrounded by rich, rural farmland. They aren't completely wrong about that, but they aren't completely right either. The small town offers big-time entertainment thanks to an historic building being renovated and brought to life as Moon Family Theatre.
   It's not entirely a new phenomenon, as the Moon Family had first brought first-class entertainment to the tiny town decades ago. Now, after a bit of a hiatus, the effort has been renewed by the next generation, which has combined bringing world-class, hall-of-fame performers to town with the development of local talent. It's turning the one red-light town into a beacon for lovers of music and the arts. It's a very welcome development, especially for those who have noticed the decline of many similar small towns, which are becoming known more for decrepit downtown buildings than for attracting visitors.
   Mike L. Moon was a self-made entrepreneur who turned his adopted home of Buena Vista into a tourist haven back in the 1990s. In addition to establishing Mooncraft, his international line of knit sportswear made in a local manufacturing warehouse, he founded the National Country Music Museum,

the Elvis Presley Collections Museum, the Front Porch Music Hall, the Silver Moon Rodeo Arena, Hidden Canyon Motocross, and last but certainly not least, the Silver Moon Music Barn. The Silver Moon was on the outskirts of town, had a seating capacity of about 1,500, and hosted performers like George Jones, Conway Twitty, Chubby Checker, Martina McBride, Merle Haggard, Shania Twain, and many more.
   When Mr. Moon passed away in 2016, his children were inspired to maintain his legacy. Daughter, Lynn Moon McAllister, who is leading the latest charge, had a substantial career in country music before starting a family of her own. She ...
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