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Beloved Dog Attends
Snider's Funeral Service

From the April 13, 2022 issue of The Journal
By Linda Adams
   A graveside service at Ellaville Cemetery was attended by a very special and well-loved dog.  Her name is Girl, and she was the beloved friend of Bobby Snider, who passed away on March 22.
   Snider adopted Girl from Pam Dixon of Deep South Canine Rescue in Schley County. When his health declined, he asked Dixon to take Girl back into her home and love her as he did.
   Here is a message that Girl put into her master's obituary:
    "My Dad, (Mr. Bobbie) settled me in here with Pam because he knew he was going away for a long time, and he wanted to know I would be happy and safe, so he arranged my future with someone he trusted to love me as he loved me!! I'm OK Dad~ We love you, missing you already."
   Deep South is a private canine rescue organization that depends on contributions from businesses and individuals to operate. Dixon has been rescuing and placing dogs in loving homes for eight years.