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Seniors share personal impact
of Coronavirus Pandemic

From the April 8, 2020 issue of The Journal
By R.E.D. News Team
Laurene Owens,
Journalism/R.E.D. News Teacher
   Even though Marion County schools are closed for the remainder of the year, school is still in session in some form. Teachers are reaching out to students through emails, Facebook, or phone calls. Administrators are asking parents to get in touch with their teachers through the teachers' emails on the school websites if they have not already been contacted. Check the schools' websites under Creative and Distant Learning for more information.  L.K. Moss Elementary School has a Facebook page as well. Students must continue learning, but they must also be safe, a primary concern of the Marion County School District.
   As with all students, Journalism students  have been affected by the Covid-19 virus and the closure of the schools. Their assignment was to write an article in which they give their perspective on this subject. This week begins a series of articles from the R.E.D. News Team.
   Even though all students are being affected, the seniors are feeling the loss of memories from their senior year.  Hopefully, someday, they will realize that missing part of their senior year was worth it if it saves even one life.  Below are the responses from the seniors on the R.E.D. News Team.

It Doesn't Feel Like Senior Year
By Whitney Swan
   As a senior, the uncertainty of not having graduation, prom, senior E-film, senior trips, or senior memories is unbelievable. At first, the thought of not having school for two weeks plus an additional week of spring break seemed like a miracle. We were all excited and happy to finally have a break from our everyday lives.
   That excitement did not last long after learning that March 13th might have been our last day is heartbreaking. There are so many memories we were looking forward to creating.
   Many of us are a part of the Dual Enrollment Program, which means we had already ... The rest of the story.