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COVID-19 Update: With restrictions eased, public is asked to be cautious

From the April 29, 2020 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   As life begins to slowly get back to normal after Governor Brian Kemp eased off on many state-mandated closures and regulations, officials and medical professionals are still asking Georgians to practice social distancing, good hygiene, and basic precautions.
   Statewide, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, as of Tuesday morning, stood at 24,498. Of those, 4,760 had been admitted to hospitals, including 1,080 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admissions. The state's death toll is at 1,015.
   Also statewide, black Georgians have been disproportionately affected by the virus. African-Americans make up 37.49% of all the state's female cases and 33.46% of all male cases. White Georgians make up 26.34% of female cases and 29.58% of male cases. It should also be noted that the state's data lists "missing info" on the races of 20% of both males and females.
   Most of the rural Southwest Georgia region continues to be among the "hot spots" for the virus. Figures for counties in The Journal's coverage area, as of Tuesday, are below.
   * Marion County: ... The rest of the story.