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Area Appears to Still be Climbing
Toward Peak of Pandemic Curve

From the April 22, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   It appears that most of The Journal's coverage area is still climbing toward the peak of the conoravirus pandemic curve. The latest data from the Georgia Department of Public Health showed not only more confirmed cases, but also has most area counties in the hottest portion of the new "heat map" that shows cases based on percentages of each county's populations.
   As of Tuesday, confirmed cases (followed by the extrapolated data as if each county had 100,000 residents) were as follows:
   * Chattahoochee County: 7 cases (52.9 per 100K).
   * Marion County: 29 cases, 1 death (331.4 per 100K). This is the first time a death related to the virus has been reported in Marion County. According to the DPH, it was an 81-year-old female.
   * Schley County: 16 cases, 1 death (289.8 per 100K).
   * Stewart County: 17 cases (239.4 per 100K).
   * Webster County: 6 cases (302.9 per 100K).

   To put the numbers in perspective, Marion County, which has the highest proportionate rate in the newspaper's coverage area, still has a relatively low percentage of residents with confirmed cases of the virus. The 29 cases represent roughly 0.3% of the county's estimated 8,500 residents. Of course the true number of cases is virtually impossible to know, as many people have not been tested and there can be asymptomatic carriers.
   The newspaper has received requests from the public to provide more details about who is infected, such as the percentages of people who are elderly or of a specific race, etc., in each specific county ... the rest of the story.