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Richland business adds masks, headbands to help fight coronavirus

From the April 22, 2020 issue of The Journal
   Alicia Babb, owner of Alicia's Small Town Designs in Richland, is one local business owner who has made a change to help respond to the coronavirus pandemic.
   Her normal offerings include various types of clothing, often with whimsical drawings/sayings. However, before most people even started taking the coronavirus serious, she started making items, including masks, for people in the medical field.
   "I started making them because I have friends who are paramedics reach out to me needing covers for their N95 masks," said Babb. "I had no clue how to make them, but I had a Facebook friend that was making them. This was before COVID-19 had really hit the area that our paramedics and nurses are working. Within the week that I was supposed to pick up ... The rest of the story.