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Armageddon Gear shifts to make
facemasks to battle coronavirus;
Swamp Fox Distilling Company
ramps up sanitizer production

From the April 15, 2020 issue
of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   Armageddon Gear recently became at least the second Buena Vista business to answer the nation's call to shift production in a direction to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Swamp Fox Distilling Company, as previously reported, is now producing hand sanitizer. Now, Armageddon Gear is making personal protective facemasks.
   While government mandated measures have severely slowed much of the economy, Armageddon Gear's business was actually still rolling along nicely. As the maker of high quality shooting accessories, including rifle slings, equipment bags, covers, belts, etc., the company continues to fulfill contracts with various federal agencies, from the Department of Defense to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
   However, they kept hearing about the shortage of facemasks on the market, so they ... The rest of the story.