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Yes, COVID-19 Is Here

From the April 2, 2020 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Forget about the "official" numbers. COVID-19 is here.
   That's the message in a nutshell from local doctors and healthcare providers who worry that members of the communities served by The Journal may feel that our rural area will somehow dodge the virus or that it's not a serious concern in our small towns.
   At the deadline for this newspaper, there were only a handful of confirmed area cases – 5 in Schley County and 1 in each of Chattahoochee, Stewart, and Webster Counties. However, those numbers are expected to spike in the near future (perhaps by the time this paper is printed and reaches our readers) and Marion County will not remain off of the list.
   At the close of business on Monday, multiple patients with

coronavirus symptoms had been tested at Phoebe's Buena Vista Clinic, operated by Dr. Dan Singleton and staff. Of those, one has already had the test come back as positive. While that particular patient was an out-of-county resident, Dr. Singleton says that should not be seen as refreshing news for the people of Marion County or any of the surrounding counties.
   "There are people here who have the coronavirus," said Dr. Singleton. "I have no doubt about that. Either we ...The rest of the story.