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Should Marion County become a
2nd Amendment Sanctuary County?

From the April 1, 2020 issue of
The Journal

By Richard Harris
   The Marion County Commission listened to a request to declare Marion County a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County," as well as a request to reject the proposal, during its recent monthly meeting. Commissioner Steve Young suggested that they get advice on the matter from County Attorney Wayne Jernigan and discuss the issue more in their next work session.
   The request was made by Ideal Police Chief Michael Kirby, who is a longtime Marion County resident and a current candidate for Marion County Sheriff.
   The proposed resolution includes the following: "Be it further resolved that all federal acts, laws, orders, rules, regulations that violate the Second Amendment to the

Constitution of the United States or Article I, Section I, Paragraph VIII of the Constitution of the State of Georgia, violate the true meaning and intent of those constitutions and are hereby declared invalid and are specifically rejected in Marion County, Georgia and shall be considered null and void and no effect in Marion County, Georgia."
   The proposed resolution, which is two-pages long, may be found in its entirety here.
   When making the proposal, Kirby said, "It is the fact that we as a county will not use our local tax dollars ... The rest of the story.