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Man is 'Lucky to Be Alive'
after kidnapping in Buena Vista

From the April 10, 2019
issue of The Journal

By Richard Harris
   A pair of local residents with long rap sheets may be serving serious prison time in the future after allegedly kidnapping, robbing, and severely beating a man they picked up in Buena Vista, robbed, locked inside the trunk, and drove to a nearby county.
   The victim, Juan Alarez, who lives on Bridges Street in Buena Vista, was eventually rescued by officers of the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, but not before he was robbed and beaten badly enough to spend a couple of days in the hospital.
   "He's lucky to be alive," said Marion County Sheriff Derrell Neal. "A lot of folks we've spoken to about him say he's one of the nicest men they've ever known. It's a shame that something like this happened to him in our community."
   Photos of Mr. Alarez after the incident showed ... The rest of the story.