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State officials 'check out'
Chattahoochee Co. High School
5K in Buena Vista!

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From the April 11, 2018 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   State Superintendent Richard Woods visited Chattahoochee County Middle-High School on April 3 to check out progress at the school that is poised for a major change and to see how far they've already come.
   Also present for the update were State School Board member Mike Cheokas and State Representative Bill McGowan.
   They seemed impressed when listening to the progress "ChattCo" has made with formation of the Chattahoochee Valley Academy – the high school is now technically a specialized charter school established as a partnership between business, industry, and community members to advance workforce development.
   The school is currently gearing up for renovation on two wings of its existing building and construction of another building on the campus.
   Academy CEO Tim Buchannan gave a brief overview of the academy before a tour of the facilities. He said they currently offer three pathways for high school students and those include college classes through Columbus State University, as well as... The rest of the story.