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Marion County native
pens Civil War era novel

From the April 19, 2017 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   Marion County native Philip Harris recently penned his first novel, Because They Were Southerners, and will be in Buena Vista offering signed copies for sale during the Pea Ridge Arts Fest on Saturday, April 29.
   The book is of the historical fiction genre and is set in the Civil War period. The main characters are Confederate soldiers who are devoted to do their duty in spite of the facts that they don't support slavery and seriously doubt the ability of the South to emerge from the war victorious.
   Numerous bits of dialogue throughout the book depict the soldiers struggling with those issues. This provides readers with a nuanced look at the period, which is refreshing, as it is often difficult to look back at the past without judging through the lens of the present.
   The back jacket of the book asks, "Why did these men, many of whom never owned a slave, show up bravely to do their part? … Why were they willing to lose everything – even their lives? Why? Because they were Southerners, that's why."
   However, the author does not get bogged down in ... The rest of the story.