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Marion works to clear up
'dirty water'; Officials emphasize
that water was/is safe to drink
County ready to 'Vrooom' online; Lumpkin wants to 'police' animals

From the April 17, 2017 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
   The Marion County Commission got an update on the new well and efforts to battle the issue of sedimentation in the water during their recent monthly meeting. Officials also approved the development of a new county website that will allow water customers to pay their bills online and discussed the project to pave J.P. Hudson Road.
   Water: The county recently took its new well/water plant on Blueville Road off-line to address sedimentation in the water. The contractor began work on attempts to alleviate the problem last Thursday. The gravel pack and screens will be inspected by video to make sure no warranted repair work will be required. If none is found, the well will then be "surged", which is basically forcefully moving water into and out of the well screen.
   It was noted by County Manager Jason Tinsley, as well as the county engineer, that the issue of sedimentation in the water (which caused concern among a number of residents in the northern part of the county recently) was not a water quality issue, at least in terms of safety. While they said they certainly don't want to give customers what appears to be dirty water, they want the public to know that the water was, and is, safe to drink.
   "We asked the EPD (Environmental Protection Division) to come test again, about a week and a half ago, and they said the water was perfectly fine and meets all EPD standards," said Tinsley. "We are very careful to make sure our water is safe for our customers."
   The county anticipates having the ... The rest of the story.