An Epic Road Trip - Believe It or Not!

By Richard Harris

October 19, 2022

 Through the ages there have been countless father-and-son road trips and chances are that many of the participants would describe them as "epic." However, we know of only one such trip that wound up being aRipley's Believe It or Not
  That's the case with the 15-state, 5,400-mile road trip taken recently by Marion County natives Britt and Nathan "Nate" Moon.
  Nate, the son, recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a finance degree and wanted to take a big trip with his dad before starting his first official "real job" as an analyst for WestRock. He specifically wanted to do some "off-roading," and while that adds to the story, they decided to add even more.
  What they added was a couple barrels of bourbon from the family...

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