Marion Co. Scores Big 66-2 Victory
October 05, 2022
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 Marion County High got its first win of the season in a big way last Friday, clobbering Central-Talbotton 66-2 in Eagle Stadium.
  "Our kids did a great job blocking and running and our defense didn't give up any points. Defensively, we just overmatched them," said Head Coach Billy Law, who added, "You've got to also tip your hat to Talbotton. They only have 22 kids on the team and they just kept trying their best."
  Getting a win was a great feeling and winning by a big margin also allowed the coaches the opportunity to let all off the team members get into the game.
  "Our junior varsity guys did well in the second half," said Law.
  He added that while the Eagles have struggled in the win column so far this season, they are constantly improving.<...

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