Chatt. Commission lowers millage rate, discusses Recycling Center issue

By Richard Harris

September 14, 2022

 Cusseta-Chattahoochee County property owners should be charged roughly the same amount on their next tax bill, as the Commission of the Unified Government approved a slightly reduced millage (tax) rate during a meeting on September 6.
  Commission Chairman Charles Coffey explained that the value of the tax digest (all taxable property within the county) has increased from approximately $57 million to over $58 million. Therefore, if they wanted to avoid raising taxes, they would have to lower the millage rate.
  The commissioners voted unanimously to approve a rate of 8.502, which is lower than last year's 8.654.
  However, with the tax digest higher, they will collect approximately the same amount of tax revenue with the lower tax rate. They anticipate the 8.5...

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