Psychedelic Touch-Up at Buena Vista's Pasaquan
September 07, 2022
Check Out PHOTOS of Pasaquan!

 The Pasaquan Preservation Society had its first in-person meeting at Pasaquan in nearly three years recently. It was exciting for them to see the latest project - repainting of the many structures and walls. The chief painters are interns from Columbus State University.
  Located just outside of Buena Vista, the home of the late Eddie Owens Martin (aka "St. EOM) is a seven-acre "psychedelic art installation that reopened in 2016 after a meticulous restoration that was a joint effort between the Kohler Foundation and Columbus State University.
  Born on this farm, just outside the small town of Buena Vista, in 1908, Martin moved to New York City in 1922, fleeing an abusive father. He eked out a living as a male prostitute, soothsayer, and marijuana peddler, before movin...

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