'Forgiving' Student Loans Not Fair

By Richard Harris

September 07, 2022

 I guess this column is a sign that I'm officially getting old, because I'm going to start with the "Back in My Day" theme.
  In the late 80s when it was time for me to decide about going to college, I had heard about people graduating with substantial student loan debt (even though the cost was much less back then).
  Still, it wasn't cheap. If you weren't talented enough to earn a substantial scholarship, poor enough to get a Pell Grant, or rich enough for your parents to fork over around $10,000 a year, you had to either borrow a bunch of money or figure out a different way.
  I decided to pause my formal education, join the military, serve my country for a while, and then take advantage of the GI Bill.
  I could argue that my years aboard the USS...

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