Marion students learn dangers of drunk driving

By Richard Harris

September 07, 2022
See photos from the lesson at MCHS

  It's been said that "seeing is believing" and students at Marion County Middle-High School recently got to see what it's like to function while intoxicated. No, the Eagles weren't flying drunk or stoned, but took advantage of a special simulation to see just how dangerous it can be for teenagers to experiment with alcohol and/or drugs.
  Marion County resident Malinda Bair, who is an officer with the Department of Public Safety's Motor Carrier Division, visited Fran McPherson's classroom with special "impairment goggles" that simulate how a person's vision changes when they are intoxicated (from 0.8 to 1.5 blood alcohol content).
  The students performed simple tasks, including throwing and catching basketballs, while wearing the goggles. They found out...

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