City of Buena Vista adopts new logo, looks for land for new park

By Richard Harris

August 10, 2022

 The Buena Vista City Council adopted a new logo, authorized the mayor to negotiate a price in a potential real estate deal that could lead to a new city park, and discussed other items during a recent meeting.
 The city had previously simply used the same logo as Marion County, but wanted something more specific for the town.
 The logo has the slogan “Beautiful View” above a section of downtown buildings, with legendary Negro Leagues baseball player Josh Gibson at bat beside them. Below are the words, “Buena Vista, Georgia, Established July 20, 1920.”
 “We were trying to capture things that mean something to Buena Vista,” said Mayor Kevin Brown. “We have our historic buildings and small businesses around the square represented, along with the water tower that is in...

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