Moondog's Opens in Oakland Community

By Mollie Beth Johnson

July, 20 2022
 Six months ago, brothers Alex Rana and Sayed Choudhary took over the Oakland IGA. Before owning the IGA, the two brothers excelled in business, each owning their own businesses.
 Before the first outbreak of Covid-19, Alex Rana owned a 10-vehicle limousine business in New Jersey. He spent two years unemployed after he lost the company due to Covid. When his brother purchased the IGA, he moved to manage the store. He currently lives in Fortson with his family.
 His brother, Sayed Choudhary, has lots of retail experience. He has been in the industry for 22 years. When he was 16, he worked in his friend's family's convenience store in downtown Atlanta. When his friend inherited the store, he ran it down. Mr. Choudhary saw an opportunity, so he purchased it with another friend from Ne...
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