Latavia's Closet: A Growing Legacy of Love & Service in Cusseta

By Richard Harris

July, 20 2022
 The family of the late Latavia Moore of Cusseta, along with some supportive friends and partners, have turned sadness into beauty over the last five years.
 Latavia died in 2017 at the tender age of 17 after a long battle with metachromatic leukodystrophy, a fatal condition that basically causes the brain to lose its ability to control the body. She lived longer than doctors expected and packed a lot of life into 17 years. She also inspired many people with her positive spirit, wonderful smile, and will to fight.
 Now, the nonprofit organization founded in her memory is thriving, having grown from its modest beginnings into one of the largest and most active smalltown organizations of its kind.
 Knowing how much Latavia enjoyed fashion, former School Board member Krystal Coleman t...
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