Massive Marijuana Grow-House is Shut Down in Marion County

By Richard Harris

July 13, 2022

 The Marion County Sheriff’s Office recently shut down a massive indoor marijuana manufacturing operation and arrested the man suspected of operating it.
 Around 115 plants in various stages of maturity were confiscated. The marijuana had an estimated street value of $50,000 to $60,000, according to Sheriff Derrell Neal. A 2006 Chevrolet Malibu was also seized.

"In my 30-plus years of law enforcement, I have never seen such an elaborate in-house marijuana operation of this scale," said Sheriff Neal.
 Sheriff’s Deputy Sandy Neal met with a confidential informant at 3630 Georgia Highway 240 West, Mauk, on June 30. At the site was a mobile home with a trio of air conditioning units in the rear and a sprinkler system running to keep the top of the trailer cool.
 The deputy could also smell the odor of marijuana. Chief Deputy Benji Strange arrived to assist with the on-site investigation and concurred with the opinion that it was likely a grow-house. Other bits of evidence included 5-gallon buckets, and plant-growing baskets with apparent marijuana residue.
 The property was vacant, but further investigation unveiled the fact that Nick Myles Taylor of Upatoi was the person responsible for the electricity bill for the property. It was then discovered that he is the renter of the property.
 The investigation continued with assistance from the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. On July 5, officers with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, members of the Taylor County Drug Task Force, and the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office went back to the site. All of the evidence remained, including a very heavy odor of marijuana coming from the seals around the windows, the crawl space, vents, and doors.
 Once the trailer was opened up, officers saw rows and rows of marijuana in an elaborate growing operation.
 They arrested Nick Myles Taylor, 66, of 8021 Jenkins Road, Upatoi. He was charged with felony possession and manufacturing of marijuana with the intent to distribute it.
 The investigation is continuing and there may be more developments from it in the future.
 Sheriff Neal said this was a significant drug bust, but added that they need the community’s help to continue to make progress in the efforts to curb illegal drugs in the county.
 "I encourage anyone to please notify the Marion County Sheriff’s Office if you see or suspect any illegal activity," said Neal. "My staff and myself are working very hard to combat illegal drugs and crime in Marion County."
 The sheriff also thanks his deputies, the Taylor County Drug Task Force, and the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office for this assistance in this case.
 The Marion County Sheriff’s Office may be reached at 229-649-3841.